Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sabrina Jeffries update, comic, and video

I received the latest Sabrina Jeffries newsletter and it was full of goodies!

First ... Just my own personal reminder - if you still haven't read Jeffries' Wed Him Before You Bed Him (Book 6) you're missing out and I highly recommend it (I reviewed it in a past blog entry). It is the last book in the School for Heiresses series and though reading other books in the series will enhance the experience, you don't have to have read any (or all - like me) of them. I had only read two other books in the series previously and I enjoyed Don't Bargain With the Devil (Book 5) (also reviewed), but was disappointed with Never Seduce a Scoundrel (Book 1). The series leads up to the grand finale of Wed Him, since snippets of letters between the hero and heroine of the last book begin each chapter of the first five, with the hero remaining a mystery until his final unveiling in Book 6.

Second ... News about Jeffries' next project!! The much-adored (because he's such a scandalous and outrageous rake/rogue) Lord Stoneville is the star of her next series. There will be five books featuring him, his two brothers, his two sisters, and "one cranky grandmother." Stoneville's book will kick off the series (out March 2010) and the premise is that the siblings' rich grandmother has issued an ultimatum that they must all marry - or be cut off permanently. The second book will be out October 2010 and apparently many Heiress series characters will be reapparing throughout this new series - as yet unnamed.

Third ... Check out this cute and funny comic series, "Will + Jane's Excellent Adventure," that I had no idea she had. The latest comic is posted for your viewing pleasure below.

Fourth ... Also check out this "backseat interview" with Sabrina Jeffries from July 2009. It was done the day before Wed Him Before You Bed Him came out and explains Charlotte's backstory and the book's premise.

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