Monday, July 27, 2009

NPR story: Romance Writers of America Conference in Washington, D.C.

National Public Radio (NPR): A Love Affair with the Romance Novel
July 18, 2009

I'm a little late in posting this story - sorry! The Romance Writers of America Conference was a week and a half ago and NPR aired a story about it on it's Saturday Weekend Edition. They interviewed Nora Roberts and Carrie Feron, who is vice-president and executive editor of Harper Collins.

I personally have never read a Nora Roberts or Danielle Steel book, though I know they are very popular. Still, why can't they ever interview Lisa Kleypas or Sabrina Jeffires or Suzanne Enoch?

Either way, I'm very happy to announce that: what genre is selling better than any other form of adult fiction? That's right! The romance novel!!! :-)

UPDATE (July 31): I listened to this story again and I have to say I 100% completely agree with what Nora Roberts says about this genre being overlooked and unfairly disregarded!

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