Friday, July 17, 2009

PaperBackSwap - recycle your books

I forget how exactly I found out about PaperBackSwap, but I think it was from someone's post on The site is absolutely fantastic, a wonderful idea, has a great selection of books (especially historical romances), and it's basically free!

Here's how it works:
  1. You list a book
  2. Someone requests that book
  3. You mail it (if it's a standard mass market paperback will cost $2.83 and you can even mail it from home)
  4. They receive the book and mark it on the website
  5. You get 1 credit
  6. And 1 credit = 1 book ... so now you request a book!
When you list your first ten books, you get two free credits, so you can get started right away with your requests without even having to wait for someone to order one of your books. There is also a video/website thing that gives instructions and further details about the program.

Hope you enjoy!!

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