Sunday, July 5, 2009

The harsh world of reviews

I've been reading historical romances for a long time and only in recent years have I started to review them on I'll admit I've become very competitive with myself, wanting each review to be as helpful as possible and get only positive votes. It's a silly enjoyable past-time and just a little thing to do to share my opinion with other HR fans, since I know I always scour other readers' reviews before buying any HR book.

However, I'm starting to rethink the whole "enjoyable" part because of the rude and mean comments written by someone in response to my two recent reviews (for Loving a Lost Lord and My Wicked Marquess). The comments were pretty vitriolic and I was really taken aback. I think it's a newly made-up handle because the person has no history whatsoever, but I don't know who it is, nor why someone would go out of their way to write something so unkind. If you don't like my review, vote that it's unhelpful and that's that!

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