Sunday, November 29, 2009

Julie Ortolon: Drive Me Wild


Drive Me Wild
Author: Julie Ortolon
Release: March 7, 2000
List Price: $7.99

Read: November 28-28, 2009
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SUMMARY (from back cover)
~ He was a devastating TV anchorman who thought he'd seen it all ~
With the face that launched a thousand newscasts, drop-dead gorgeous TV anchor Brent Michaels returns to his Texas hometown --- to be the "bachelor" in a Dating Game fundraiser. He can't refuse his old friend Laura Beth Morgan's request. And soon, he can't refuse the shy do-gooder anything. The tomboy he remembered had blossomed into a beautiful woman. An irresistible challenge for the man every woman wants ...

~ Until he rediscovered the girl next door ~
Laura Morgan yearns to break free, just as Brent Michaels did. He'd come a long way from the boy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, the friend who kissed her once, then ran. But even as he warns her he's incapable of love, he's not running now. For Laura was stirring him like no woman had before, making him consider the "M" word for the first time, leaving him certain of only one thing: Laura Morgan could be his undoing ...

My first book by Ortolon was Lead Me On and I really enjoyed it and gave it 4 stars. Drive Me Wild was entertaining, but I don't think I would reread it because of several issues I had with the story/characters.

My biggest was Laura's realization of love for Brent happened **WAY** too soon. Two days after seeing each other for the first time in ten years she realizes she's in love with him? I don't think so! Once the story moves to Houston and their relationship actually kicks off the book is good and very enjoyable, but I had a hard time getting over my initial skepticism. Also, Laura towards the end of the book and leading up to the climax fight bothered me --- she's a little too pushy and somewhat manipulative (very "somewhat," because that word seems far too strong).

Brent was an absolutely wonderful hero and I liked how three-dimensional and realistic he was. Romance heroes always have some obligatory faults, but in this case Brent's issues didn't seem added on by the author because she can't make the hero absolutely perfect --- they were believable and made him very compelling (*very*, lol ;-).

All in all --- worth the read, but glad I got it from the library since I don't think I'll be coming back to it. ... Though Brent really almost makes it worth it!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Julie Ortolon: Lead Me On

Lead Me On
Series: Pearl Island Trilogy, Book 2
Julie Ortolon

Release: January 20, 2003
List Price: Retail unavailable

Read: November 14-15, 2009
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SUMMARY (from back cover)
~ When a woman who is willing . . . ~
Allison St. Clair has the face of an angel. That's part of the problem. She also sells quaint tea sets in the gift shop at Galveston's Pearl Island Inn. It doesn't exactly scream sexy! Years of having men treat her like a little sister is enough to drive a healthy woman crazy. Especially when a gorgeous hunk checks in and fails to recognize that Allison's more than willing. She's ready . . .

~ Meets a man who isn't listening . . . ~
Frustrated author Scott Lawrence is hoping to get lucky in more ways than one. A little fun in the sun with a beautiful woman may be just the inspiration he needs to cure his writer's block. No fuss. No commitment. But a "good girl" like Allison? No way!

~ Then it's time for action. ~
When Allison makes her move, every bachelor bone in Scott's body tells him to swim for safety. But stronger instincts prevail, and the heat climbs higher than the temperature on the Texas Coast. Now a four-letter word called love could turn a sweet spring diversion into the most unexpected and complicated fling of their lives.

SERIES: The Pearl Island Trilogy
  1. Falling For You - Aurora St. Claire and blue-blooded banker Oliver Chancellor
  2. Lead Me On - Allison St. Claire and bestselling author Scott Lawrence
  3. Don't Tempt Me - Adrian St. Claire and ship owner/captain Jackie Taylor

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Suzanne Enoch: A Matter of Scandal

A Matter of Scandal
Series: With This Ring, Book 3
Suzanne Enoch

First Release: July 31, 2001
List Price: Retail unavailable

Read: October 19-19, 2009
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SUMMARY (from back cover)
~ School for Scandal ~

Miss Emma Grenville, who is no silly debutante, has had her fill of thick-headed noblemen who believe women exist solely to satisfy men. And her arrogant new landlord, the Duke of Wycliffe, is the worst of the lot! The too-attractive cad wants to triple the rent on Emma's finishing school for young ladies to help get his uncle's estate out of debt. Well, Greydon Brakenridge clearly needs educating --- about women. And Emma's just the one to enlighten him!

The sinfully handsome duke has never met a woman he couldn't outwit and seduce. And now that he's tricked Emma into a wager, he has the stubborn headmistress right where he wants her --- and hopefully, soon in his bed. But the confirmed bachelor underestimates the intelligent and surprisingly sensual Miss Greenville. For she may be leading Greydon to a place neither dreamed they'd ever go --- to the altar.

SERIES: With This Ring
  1. Reforming a Rake - Alexandra Beatrice Gallant and Lucien Balfour, Sixth Earl of Kilcairn Abbey
  2. Meet Me at Midnight - Victoria "Vixen" Fontaine and Sinclair Grafton, Lord "Sin" Althorpe
  3. A Matter of Scandal - Emma Grenville and Greydon Brakenridge, Duke of Wycliffe

Monday, November 2, 2009

Eloisa James update

Eloisa James sent out one of her "Newsflash" emails; some of the contents are reposted below or you can read the full thing at her website.

* Reminder to read the reprints of her first two books, Potent Pleasures (what a name! LOL) and Midnight Pleasures.

* She now has a Facebook fan page and is on Twitter, on which she sends out about 2-3 tweets a day right now since she's in Paris.

* First paragraph (don't think that qualifies as either a teaser or an excerpt really ... who ever heard of only putting up one paragraph???) of her next book, A Kiss at Midnight (described as a "fractured fairy tale), is now available online. Release date is unknown; we've only been told sometime in 2010.

* Read her most recent Barnes & Noble column, the subject of which is "heroes who aren't particularly hairy or rakish - but truly decent." ... At first I thought she meant "hairy" as in, well, hairy, but it's basically about those decent heroes that aren't rakish skirt-chasers and completely irresponsible, irreverent, a man's man, etc.

Sidenote: I've never really been a James fan from the few books of hers I read; it was awhile ago, but I remember her characters don't always sit right with me and there are too many secondary/tertiary romances and stories going on with other characters besides for the main ones (or at least that was true for those books of hers I read).

Mary Jo Putney update

You can access the complete version of Mary Jo Putney's latest newsletter online; below is a summary of pertinent/interesting information.

* She gives thanks to readers for buying Loving a Lost Lord, since it made it to the New York Times bestsellers list. My sidenote: I technically helped put her there, since I rushed out to buy the book ... but if the list were based on what people thought of the book, she definitely wouldn't be on it with that one, IMHO. Harsh sounding, I know, but that was one of the worst books I've read all year - maybe even in two years. You can read my review here. Compared to wonderful works of hers like The Rake and The Wild Child, it was almost hard to believe they were all written by the same author!

* Book 2 of the Lost Lords Series, Never Less Than a Lady will be coming out in May 2010 (though Amazon has it listed as being released on April 27, 2010) and two more Lost Lords contracts have been signed with the publisher.

* Two reissued books coming out: The Rake (which as I said, is absolutely great and a must-read) and The Bargain. One Perfect Rose will also be reissued, out in April 2010.