Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Books by James, Mullins, and Hawkins

I've continued to wallow in my historical romances and have read a good number of new ones, as well as revisiting some of my past favorites. Below are three books that I've had for awhile and finally read for the first time; I'll add the rest of the books later.

Read: May 26-27, 2009
Title: His Wicked Ways
Author: Samantha James
Release Date: September 1, 1999
List Price: $6.99 | author homepage | excerpt

My Rating:

Summary (from back cover):
The last member of his once powerful clan, Cameron MacKay has but one mission: to find Meredith, the last daughter of the Clan Munro and child of his sworn enemy, and force her to provide him with an heir. But after kidnapping Meredith from the priory where she sought refuge, the brazen and fearless Highlander finds himself intoxicated by her tender beauty ... and enchanted by the manner in which she boldly bargains for her freedom. Now, more than ever, he is determined to bend her to his will.

Long ago, Meredith vowed never to trust any man - for she has seen how they cause pain to those they profess to adore. And before she will submit to the powerful, dangerous desire this remarkable warrior inflames within her, MacKay must abandon his wicked ways forever ... and embrace the passionate love that lives in the depths of his hardened heart.

hero: soldier/warrior -- heroine: abused/raped -- location: Scotland -- plot: revenge -- sexual abuse/rape -- time period: medieval

Read: May 27-27, 2009
Title: A Necessary Bride
Author: Debra Mullins
Release Date: February 25, 2003
List Price: Retail unavailable - buy used | author homepage

My Rating:

Summary (from back cover):
High-spirited Margaret Stanton-Lynch intends to enjoy the Season without the hindrance of an unwanted romance. Meg refuses to be tied down before she fully explores what life has to offer, though she must admit that Justin St. James, the dashing Earl of Rathmore, has a most deliciously appealing air of dangerous mystery about him. Not enough, however, for the lady to seriously consider his ardent proposal of marriage.

In Justin's eyes she's perfect, with wit, charm, and sensuality galore - and she seems unperturbed by the wrongly deserved, very dark stain on Justin's reputation. A marriage to this exquisite lady would assure his young ward Emily's entrance into Society. Besides, his heart pounds wildly every time Meg is in his presence. Justin fears tenderness and passion may not be enough to hold her, but he's determined to try - for life would be empty indeed if he allowed this enchanting free spirit to fly from his arms forever!

hero: outcast -- location: England -- time period: Georgian

Read: May 28-28, 2009
Title: The Abduction of Julia
Series: Related Untitled Series, Book 1
Author: Karen Hawkins
Release Date: April 1, 2000
List Price: $7.99 | author homepage | excerpt

My Rating:

Summary (from back cover):
What can a respectable Regency miss do when kidnapped by a nobleman intent on marriage? Why, marry him, of course.

Julia Frant has secretly loved Alec MacLean, the wild Viscount Hunterston from afar. So when he accidentally snatches her instead of her lovely, scheming cousin for an elopement to Gretna Green, Julia leaps at the chance to make her passionate dreams come true.

Alec's in no position to quibble: if he doesn't marry by midnight and live scandal-free for a year, he loses his inheritance. At least marriage with do-gooder Julia will guarantee his fortune. But as his plain brown wren transforms herself into an elegant swan, Alec suddenly can't stay away from his last-minute wife - and when he kisses her, the inheritance is the last thing on his mind. Unfortunately, scandal can occur from the best of intentions ... and Julia is never short of good intentions!

My Comments:
This book would get a solid 5 stars if it weren't for that the ending comes up and hits you like a wall that suddenly appears while you're going 60 mph on the highway ... would have liked to catch my breath after everything works out with "the obstacle" subplot (guessed the truth early on but was still well done and a nice twist) and enjoyed the at-last get-together and "I love yous" of the H&H - although it was jarring, I wouldn't complain if she had at least then given us an Epilogue, but nothing! Regardless: great read and had several laugh-out-loud moments - one in the middle of the book where I literally had to put the book down and wipe tears from my eyes because I was laughing so hard.

NOTE: Since writing the above, I've learned that the reprint edition of this book (the second cover pictured here) has a rewritten final chapter and an added epilogue ... so maybe this new reprint would be five stars in my book - we'll see!

hero: arrogant/dictatorial -- location: England -- heroine: companion -- heroine: shy/wallflower -- time period: Georgian

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