Friday, October 2, 2009

Nora Roberts: The MacGregors - Robert & Cybil

The MacGregors - Robert & Cybil:
The Winning Hand / The Perfect Neighbor
Series: The MacGregors, Books 9 and 11
Nora Roberts

Release: December 31, 2006
List Price: $7.99

Read: October 1-2, 2009
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The Winning Hand
SUMMARY (from back cover)
When Darcy Wallace spends her last three dollars at the hotel casino and wins a jackpot worth almost two million dollars, all casino manager Robert MacGregor Blade wants to do is look out for her. But something about the lovely young woman is getting under Mac's skin and playing havoc with his big brotherly intentions. And to win her over, he'll have to take the biggest gamble of his life.

The Perfect Neighbor
SUMMARY (from back cover)
Brooding loner Preston McQuinn's new apartment, like his life, was just the way he wanted it - dark and empty. But when sunny Cybil Campbell came barging into his well-ordered gloom, he couldn't deny a grudging fascination with his bright, bubbly neighbor. Preston thought he'd closed the door on love for good, so why was he suddenly longing to open up his heart to his incredibly perfect neighbor?

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