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Lisa Kleypas: Smooth Talking Stranger


Smooth Talking Stranger
Series: Travis Family, Book 3
Lisa Kleypas
Release: March 31, 2009
List Price:
$16.47 (hardback)

August 24-25, 2009
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SUMMARY (from inside flap)
He answers to no one ...
No one has ever truly touched Jack Travis's heart or soul ... until Ella Varner comes along. She appears one day on his doorstep with fury in her eyes and a baby in her arms. Her troubled sister is the mother and, according to Ella, Jack Travis is the father. But when Ella demands that Jack take responsibility for the first time in his life, he ends up taking much more than that ...

She trusts no one ...
Ella Varner is responsible and controlled. Her childhood taught her that love is fleeting and best avoided. That is, until baby Luke appears on her doorstep after her reckless sister, Tara, abandons him. What Luke needs now is stability, and Ella's determined to do what is best for him. As her bond with the helpless child grows stronger every day, Ella goes to Houston in search of the father. What she finds there will change her life forever ...

And when things heat up between these two, the time for talking is long gone ...
Lisa Kleypas lets the sparks fly once again in a novel featuring the larger-than-life Travis family. Full of sizzling sensuality and undeniable heart, her storytelling will grab hold of you from the very first page to the last.

SERIES: The Travis Family
  1. Sugar Daddy (March 4, 2008 - mass market paperback)
  2. Blue-Eyed Devil (March 3, 2009 - mass market paperback)
  3. Smooth Talking Stranger (March 31, 2009 - hardcover)


The review by Sarah W is very good and I suggest reading that; she also has a great summary about the book, so I won't bother trying to write my own.

I have not read Kleypas's first Travis Family book, Sugar Daddy, but I have read Blue-Eyed Devil (my review) and really enjoyed it. The plot of Sugar Daddy just never appealed to me - and still doesn't - but I decided to take a chance on Blue-Eyed Devil since Kleypas has long been my favorite historical romance author.

Smooth Talking Stranger is a very sweet and charming book. Ella is a wonderful heroine, very authentic and accessible. Jack is just delicious and absolutely fantastic - no one writes a hero like Lisa Kleypas!! The chemistry between the two sizzles off the pages, but there is definitely more to their relationship than just lust.

The presence of Luke, Ella's nephew, adds a whole other dimension to the romance story and in my opinion only enhances it. You want to just melt every time Jack picks Luke up or plays with him, lol. This book almost features two love stories: one between Ella and Jack, and the other between Ella and Luke - they're both fantastic.

My only problem was that I felt the ending was a little abrupt and rushed and for a little while (just a few pages - maybe even just paragraphs - but timewise in the story it's two months) I felt like Luke kind of disappeared; I would have thought there would be more emphasis on Ella missing him. Ella's reaction to what happens in the Epilogue makes it almost easy to forget that little blip, since we once again clearly see how much she loves him, but it still nags a little.

Wonderful book; definitely recommend. You don't have to have read the other Travis family books, since everyone is introduced thoroughly. I would recommend reading Blue-Eyed Devil since it's a real treat and I'm very much looking forward to Joe's story ... don't know when it's coming out, but will let you know when I find out!

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