Monday, August 24, 2009

Expanding the timeline ...

Well ... never did I think to say - or rather write - this, but it's true: I have ventured into contemporary romance and, after bashing and steering clear for many years, I've completely fallen for it. I'm still a 100% historical romance fan, but I'm finding a new appreciation for the contemporary authors out there.

Whenever people hear "romance" - and are not readers of the genre themselves - they immediately think Nora Roberts and Danielle Steel, which used to drive me nuts! I would carefully explain that no, I hadn't read either of those authors and I in fact only read historicals ... but to them it's all the same and they don't really care to differentiate.

I grew to kind of resent Roberts and Steel and although I have not picked up any of the latter's books yet, I've quickly rethought my opinion on Roberts. I just finished my fifth book of hers today and aside from this last one, they were all 4+ stars. I've also read some great Rachel Gibson and one absolutely fantastic book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (I'll be posting about them in the next few days).

The "time period expansion" has caused the name of the blog to change, along with the web address ... hope you enjoy the new books that will be covered!

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