Monday, December 28, 2009

Kathy Love: Getting What You Want

Getting What You Want
Series: Stepp Sisters, Book 1

Author: Kathy Love
Original Release: May 1, 2004
List Price: $5.99

Read: December 27-28, 2009
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SUMMARY (from back cover)

In this delightful, heartwarming novel, Kathy Love introduces the Stepp sisters, three women whose lives are about to take a turn for the wild, the unpredictable, and the absolutely enchanting ... Meet Abby.

Remind me to have my head examined.
What exactly possessed me to come home to Millbrook, Maine, where nothing changes but the weather? Oh, right. A six-month grant to do genetics research at Rand laboratories. What can I say --- I'm a smart girl. And smart girls get what they need and get out again. Smart girls don't dream, they settle. And smart girls do not get completely tongue-tied while holding a basket of fried clams when they bump into the most gorgeous man they haven't seen in fifteen years: Chase Jordan.

Remind me to have my hormones removed.
Chase Jordan. Town bad boy. Rebel with a cause to show up in my dreams unannounced. Oh boy, this is not good. Not smart. It's like high school all over again. But in a good way. A heart-thumping way. An I-have-no-idea-what's-going-to-happen way. A way that's making me feel like maybe settling for what I have isn't so smart ... but really going after what I want is the craziest thing I may ever do ...

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