Monday, November 2, 2009

Eloisa James update

Eloisa James sent out one of her "Newsflash" emails; some of the contents are reposted below or you can read the full thing at her website.

* Reminder to read the reprints of her first two books, Potent Pleasures (what a name! LOL) and Midnight Pleasures.

* She now has a Facebook fan page and is on Twitter, on which she sends out about 2-3 tweets a day right now since she's in Paris.

* First paragraph (don't think that qualifies as either a teaser or an excerpt really ... who ever heard of only putting up one paragraph???) of her next book, A Kiss at Midnight (described as a "fractured fairy tale), is now available online. Release date is unknown; we've only been told sometime in 2010.

* Read her most recent Barnes & Noble column, the subject of which is "heroes who aren't particularly hairy or rakish - but truly decent." ... At first I thought she meant "hairy" as in, well, hairy, but it's basically about those decent heroes that aren't rakish skirt-chasers and completely irresponsible, irreverent, a man's man, etc.

Sidenote: I've never really been a James fan from the few books of hers I read; it was awhile ago, but I remember her characters don't always sit right with me and there are too many secondary/tertiary romances and stories going on with other characters besides for the main ones (or at least that was true for those books of hers I read).

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