Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jenna Petersen update

Got an email update from Jenna Petersen, though she says there isn't much new to report. Her next book, What the Duke Desires, comes out on October 27 and is the kickoff to her new series, "Billingham Bastards." A preview/excerpt is available on her website and from what I've read I think it looks good! (My first post about What the Duke Desires is available here and includes the book summary).

Petersen also talks about the rest of the series:
  1. The second book in the Billingham Bastards series is called The Unclaimed Duchess and due out September 2010 ... which, less face it, seems eons away! Oh well, hopefully What the Duke Desires will be good enough to tide us over until the sequel comes out.
  2. The third one features Caleb Talbot who was a character in Petersen's Lessons From a Courtesan, which I haven't read and don't plan to since the plot sounds sketchy and unappealing and the reviews only reinforced this impression.
The only book that I've read by her was Her Notorious Viscount, but it was very good and put her on my "watch-for" list. I gave it four stars and found it highly enjoyable; both the hero and heroine were wonderful and were they types I loved - outcast and loner hero (bad-boy type all the way) with the prim and proper, down-on-her-luck heroine. You can read my review here.

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